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May is for MOMS!

One day just doesn't cut it, so here at Hippies at Home, MAY IS FOR MOMS!!

One of the best parts of owning a business is getting to run this business together as family, and with our Mom!

One of the most challenging parts of owning a business is having to run moms.

We are so excited and proud over what we were able to accomplish in April!

Not only did we receive several orders and FANTASTIC reviews, we were able to release so many products we are proud of!

We released;

Care Packages- Our amazing care packages include;

Mother Nature, Mother Nature Cannabis- Our Mother's Day Packages

Cooped Up and Cooped Up Cannabis- Our Covid Survival Packages

Touch- Our massage oil line with oils helping with anything from relaxation, pain relief to circulation relief and scar decreasing!

Foxy- Anti-aging eye serum made with the highest quality organic oils

Handsy-All natural cuticle oil roll-on

And other Roll-on customizations

Decked out Dish Package- Liquid Dish Soap, Dishwasher Tabs and Rinse Aid

Get yours pre-made, DIY Kit or Monthly DIY Refill Kit

The Hippie Home Bible- A collection of our favorite all natural DIY Cleaning Supply Recipes (With bonus recipes!)

And we can't believe how much we still have to look forward to!

Coming in may;

We will be releasing more awesome care packages!

Look for our Hippies in the Sun- Summer Needs Care Package

Force of Nature- Father's Day Care Package

Men's & Women's self-care packages!

Monthly Memberships!

We will have monthly membership options available for chronic pain relief and self-care!

Plus so much more!!

Follow along on social media for May is for Moms!

Enjoy our posts/lives tailored to, for and from Mom's and promos and giveaways to our awesome followers and customers who call themselves "Mom!"

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