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CHILL this April with H@H

April is Stress Awareness month!

How fitting is it that STRESS is so important it gets a whole month? According to a study in 2019, 94% of Americans reported high work related stress.... NOW FACTOR IN A PANDEMIC.... stress is at an all-time high! And it's not something to take lightly. High stress can lead to several health complications ranging from skin disorders to heart disease and mental health issues. With an increasing distrust in the pharmaceutical industry and our fast paced lifestyles, a lot of Americans are just pushing through the stress with out acknowledging it. A lot of us have even just accepted this as a way of life...but there are some small things you can do!

Hippies at Home is proud that several of our roll-ons include ingredients known to calm, relax and uplift. From lavender to CBD, Hippies at Home can help ease what's ailing you!

Overwhelmed? Remember to stop and breath...and maybe breath in Chill, Hippies at Home's aromatherapy stress relief roll-on....

Underwhelmed and lacking motivation due to the current stresses? Maybe you would like Boss, our invigorating roll-on with increased mental clarity....

Stress headaches? We have roll-ons for that, both with or without 100% all-natural CBD oil!

Either way, take the time you need to unwind and regroup and take care of yourselves! This month and all the rest!

Don't forget to also take the time to follow Hippies at Home this month as we do our best to help the world relax!

We have BIG THINGS coming in April!

We will be introducing 2 new cosmetic roll-ons to our collection.

Anti-aging eye serum and cuticle oil!!!

Want to try making your own products at home for a fraction of the price of buying in stores? You're in luck!

In April, Hippies at Home will be releasing The Hippie Home Bible! A collection of our tried and true, all-natural cleaning supply recipes. We have a recipe for every cleaning supply you could need! BONUS! Our favorite pampering recipes including bath bombs, lotion bars and shower diffusing tabs! Start being a Hippie in your own Home!

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