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A Hippies at Home Christmas Card!

As the year is coming to an end, and we are all bustling, excited and maybe a bit overwhelmed as we start celebrating the holidays, it is important that we take a moment to reflect on the amazing, educational and at times chaotic growth that we experienced in 2019!

While we as family had our fair share of trying times in 2019, from injuries, surgery's, moving to major life changes... we came out the other end closer, stronger as a family and as always, by each others' sides just as we are year after year.

We are so grateful that throughout the journey that is life, we didn't get too busy to listen. Because listening and learning has taken Hippies at Home to a whole new level!

We listened, we learned.

We discovered our strengths in customizing products and are blessed to have created a product that can save our Grandmother, and so many others, from chronic pain.

We were blessed through organizations like OneMain Financial and Minnesota Marijuana to be at such amazing events that allowed us to share our product with more people than we ever thought possible.

Health fairs...amazing....the MN STATE FAIR? Beyond belief!

Not only that, we took the knowledge and growth and made a solid plan towards the future which has reignited passions through the adversities.

2020 WILL BE OUR YEAR OF DREAMING BIG! So big that it's almost scary, but that adrenaline drives us to keep going forward and always doing better.

Thank you so much, our Hippies, family and friends!

Thank you for supporting us, believing in us and keeping us pushing forward.

Happy Holidays to you and yours! We truly cherish you all!

Hippies at Home


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