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June with Hippies at Home!

Us Hippies have been staying very busy on the side, making moves, taking chances and pushing our vision forward with EVERYTHING that we have.

We are so excited to announce to you the amazing new things you will be seeing from Hippies at Home In June.

1. NEW LABELS!! Who doesn't love upping their branding game! We are so in love with our new design and can't wait to show them to you on all on our new.......

2. DIY KITS!!!! Want to make your own safe, all natural products? Too busy to attend an event. Make it yourself at home! The DIY kits allow you to get just the amount of product you need. Cutting down on your investment and storage needs!

3. ONLINE STORE!!!!!! You will soon be able to purchase your own Hippies at Home products, packaging and totes yourself online, instead of messaging us directly!

4. ONLINE CALENDAR!!!!! Stay up to date on our upcoming events and check availability to easily plan your own Hippies at Home event with your family and friends!


Host a Hippies at Home- Hippies in Sun Event with your family and friends!

Hostess receives a free Hippies at Home Canvas Tote

Hostess with 5 or more guests get's their package free!!

You will get to make and leave with your own safe, all natural-


Sun burn relief spray

Bug Spray

Hand Sanitizer

Message us to see about planning your event now!

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