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May Day Festival- A Call to Action

Hey Hippies!!

We just wanted to take a second to share our first experience with the Minneapolis May Day Festival and what an inspiration it was.

If you have never heard of the May Day Festival picture DELICIOUS FOODS from across the world, a unique parade experience that cannot be fully put into words and a sense of community that cannot be rivaled. The crowd was HUGE, each person more different than the next, but the vibe was great! Each person connected to their neighbor for at least the afternoon.

We are lucky to have been exposed to the festival this year, as it may be the last year it takes place if they were not able to raise enough funds. And it was unlike anything we had ever seen.

Each float in the parade was an intricate, hand made piece of art, beautiful cultural dancing or a protest, plea or call to action.

The passion in the marchers showed on their face as they made LOUD, PUBLIC CRIES to love our marginalized, save our planet and change the way the world is going.

If they were able to save the festival for another year to come, Hippies at Home cannot wait to take part in it!

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