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Essential Oils and Allergies- How to make your allergies a little less terrible


Seasonal Allergies are a fun gift from Satan himself that he gives to between 40-60 million American's each and every year.

Allergies, for those who do not suffer, are an abnormal reaction to harmless substances like pollen and dander. The immune system identifies these substances as bad, even thought they are not.

So, our body helps us fight these harmless substances by draining fluid from every orifice on our faces, sneezing and coughing the safe germs away or clogging our sinuses to help...just because.

Instead of popping a benedryl every morning, why not try a more safe, all natural way to relieve your symptoms. Seriously, just eucalyptus can change your life this spring!

Check out these great blogs, and always, keep following our journey as we will show you how to make one of these very remedies for yourself!

Check out these great blogs and stay tuned so we can teach you how easy it is to provide yourself with relief, safely, from the comfort of your home!

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