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The Hippie's Hero

Social media is everything when it comes to small businesses. It's our main source of advertisement and endorsement and our way to stay relevant.

Every month we sit down and go over our social media schedule for the upcoming month. We use a fun website,, to find some of the "fun" or less known holidays of the upcoming month.

This month we were overwhelmed. It's a month dedicated to celebrating our everyday heroes. And not enough people know or celebrate.

We want to change that! We want to scream our appreciation and show our gratitude! Take a look for yourself at the very worthy heroes we are celebrating this month!

* The week of May 6th- NURSES WEEK!

*The week of May 13th- National Police Week

*May 15th- Police Officer's Memorial Day

*May 18th- Armed Forces Day

*The week of May 20th- EMS Week

Join us as we educate ourselves, celebrate these brave, strong individuals and as we give back to those who give selflessly to us everyday.

Do you have one of these heroes that you know and love?

Join us on our Wednesday Night FB Live Sessions, tag your friend and we will give away 1 Hippies at Home Gift Basket each week as a way to say "thanks!"

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