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Let's Appreciate Plants today!

Today is International Plant Appreciation Day. Plants are so important that it is one of the things we come together as a whole planet to stop and appreciate. And here at Hippies at Home, being that 90% of our products are plant based, we really thought we should take a moment to stop and appreciate the ROOT of our inspiration! (Get it, plant...root?!? )

In honor of the ever important, but often unappreciated, aspect of our ecosystem we present you with 5 cool ways to appreciate plants this spring. Once the April snow melts and we can see the plants again!

5. Take a walk in nature, appreciate the plants. *Bonus points- Take a second to learn about the plants you come across.

4. Give away plants instead of clipped flowers throughout the spring/summer holidays. No plant dies and you can share your appreciation for plants. Because they rock!

3. Start growing your own fruit or vegetable. This can be surprisingly easy to do, even if you are in an apartment or limited on space. *Bonus points- Donate any of your extra fruits/vegetables and share the love! How cool are you then?

2. Teach a kid to garden. Our kids are our future world leaders, teach them an appreciation and the necessities of plants early on.

1. Make a terrarium! These are so cool, so many great ideas on pinterest!

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