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Networking is so cool!

One of the most amazing parts of what we have been doing has been networking. Getting to meet the amazing people we have had the pleasure to come across. Getting to learn and talk about life with people who all have different things to teach us and a different story to tell.

Each event we have hosted or attended has led us down a different path and different event with the new friends who we have met.

A couple of our favorite networking connections have been so meaningful.

What started as a friend asking us to take part in her company's health fair has led to a fantastic collaboration with a completely different company. We look forward to working with Dr. Mel with Inspire Life Chiropractic. We will host our first of many events this coming up Thursday March 14th. (Reach out to us if you would like to attend the THRIVEology Decked out Dish Package Event)

What began as simply telling a neighbor what we do has led to one of the most thoughtful and loving act of support. Danielle Kieffer is an amazingly talented local artist. When she heard about our business she was thrilled with what we did and what we stood for. When she found out our logo was a tree nymph she gave us the spectacular hand blown, glass vase above. Check out her other amazing work at link below!

From educators to financial advisers and chiropractors and artists....our love and support comes from some of the most unlikely of places and we couldn't be more thankful!

Thanks for the love and support! And we look forward to meeting many more of you and learning all that you have to teach us!

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