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Our Driving force... our Mom's "Ta-ta's"? Here's to our survivor!

We have spent a great deal of time talking about our inspirations behind Hippies at Home... or at least the goals and inspirations we can easily share in with others.

To those who follow us closely, you get it. We like safe products and sustainable packaging and want to do our part in ridding the world of toxins and waste. But it goes a bit deeper.

The studies are coming in on the products we know and love. Chemicals, fillers, hormone disruptors, toxins, etc... the list goes on and on. It's not necessarily new news, but we need to take a second to think about this.

October is breast cancer awareness month. And as many people know, Grandma Cyndi is our amazing kick-butt breast cancer survivor- she fought like a champ and made cancer think twice about messing with her. She beat it, but was it avoidable? Maybe not. Cancer sucks, and it happens to the best of people and has hurt probably everybody reading this in some ways. But just how dangerous are these chemicals in our products that we expose ourselves to on a daily basis?

Many products we use, without our knowledge have endocrine blockers, carcinogens and hormone disruptors that can lead to several ailments including severe respiratory issues, mental health issues and even cancer.

When Grandma Cyndi was diagnosed we had no idea about any of these things, and really didn't think to look into what "caused" her cancer or could we have avoided it.... all of our focuses shifted to helping her be the strongest fighter she could be.

Now that she has been a survivor for years, our focuses have shifted on making sure that the cancer never comes back, that future generations are educated aware and looking for signs and also... can we protect ourselves and our loved ones from this happening to them? Maybe....we could at least try.

You know what they say, "Everything gives you cancer now adays." And sadly, that is true. We expose ourselves to countless pollutants daily. We can't avoid them all, but some we can.

We can't avoid going out in the real world and exposing ourselves to pollution that has already been released, but we can fight the pollution and do our part in releasing less.

We can't completely avoid our cell phones, or lets be honest, even our microwaves.

But cancer can come from things that you can easily avoid- tanning beds, too much sun, cigarettes. The list really goes on... but one thing we need to acknowledge that is on the list of easily avoidable things would be carcinogens we are exposing ourselves to through the products we choose to use in our daily lives. Especially when all natural options are available to us everywhere we turn.

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