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Change is hard at the beginning, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end....I think we are still

Friends! We ladies have been feeling very reflective as of lately... and we had to take a second to acknowledge the scariest, most amazing part of this whole process. Change. Not just the change in routine and products we use...but deep change. Like personal growth kind of change, or the hardest part, having to know when to change our minds.

Change is cool because it leads to growth. And man, have we experienced some changes...and the growth and new directions we are heading down have been thrilling to say the least.

When we started this journey all we had was a really cool idea, a fun name and a vision to share our passion with our family and friends. We saw ourselves hosting home parties here and there and feeling good about doing a little something for the health of our friends and our effects on the earth and our carbon footprint. We never saw ourselves as being producers of product. But we wanted to once the people spoke and the demand arose, we had to be willing to change our mind and our path.

House parties are great, a lot of fun and very in right now. But some people are busy, and just want to be able to order products online... we heard that, and understood, so now we are pushing full force on fully developing our online sales.

But it doesn’t stop there, because...parties!

When we realized that people enjoyed their time and liked learning and the ability to provide their families with safer options. we changed our minds again and decided we didn’t have to stick to house parties, there are a lot of forums to teach.... now we are looking forward to teaching SIX classes through South Washington County Community Ed this winter. But this led to another opportunity for growth, they were interested in us doing product demos and having our product for sale. Demos... we never even thought of doing demos at larger events... well, now we are looking forward to our first product demo and live product sales event at the October 13th Marketplace of Learning through community ed as well.

But this had our minds thinking...we don’t have a store...where else can we sell our product to the masses? So far we are in 2 craft fairs this winter as well. From not producing product to this was a whole shift of mindset for us...and we couldn’t be more excited.

But why stop there? Why only reach consumers when other businesses may share our vision and support our goals. Why not connect with these other like-minded business owners that are already out their rocking their dreams? This change in journey connected us with an awesome business, Inspire Life Chiropractic and 4 other events for 2019.

This has all been crazy, so much change, so much growth, so much love...also, so many tears! (Nobody said it would be easy!)

Next stop...getting in small business retailers...

Thanks for the love and for keeping up with our journey!

Hippies at Home

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