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We hear you, our busy Hippies!! And we are listening!

We are so amazed and blessed at the amount of support and love we have received while taking this adventure and trying to choose a different, better way of life for our families and our environment. (And our pocketbooks!)

To our Hippies on the Go! We hear you... and we are excited to expand our adventure to suit the needs of your busy lives. For those of you who are interested in trying our all-natural products, with sustainable, permanent packaging solutionsDec, we are excited to announce that we will now be selling prepared products. Website orders to go live soon, in the meantime, want to try our products- orders are being taken by contacting us via FB or our Website.

Don't have time to attend a party and learn to make the product on your own, but still want to take steps towards change? See our available products available for sale.

Decked out Dish Package- Entire Starter Kit w/Permanent Packaging- $25.00

All-Natural Liquid Dish Soap- $10.00

All-Natural Dishwasher Tabs- $13.00

All-Natural Rinse Aid- $5.00

Refill Costs- $15.00 for complete package

Keep Calm....And Clean on Household Cleaning Package- Entire Starter Kit w/Permanent Packaging-$22.00

All-Natural All Purpose Cleaner- $6.00

All-Natural Glass Cleaner- $6.00

All-Natural Mopping Solution- $6.00

All-Natural Air Freshener- $7.00

Refill Costs- $15.00 for complete Package

Add-on: All-Natural Wood Polish- $8.00

Refill costs- $4.00

Peace, Love and Laundry Package coming soon!!!

Standard $5 Delivery Fee on all orders- Refill

Or, Interested in learning to make the product yourself? Ask about hosting your own event or attending one of our many upcoming parties.

Reach out to us on Facebook or with any questions or requests!

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