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Happy National Brother's Day!

Anybody who knows us as a family, know how close we are with this guy!! He's a great brother and uncle, and hey! Today is his day!

So we were sitting around talking, and Chris asks, in little brother fashion, how we will be celebrating him today.

In pure big sister fashion I said, "By you testing out our final bath bomb recipe!"

After a few moans and groans he agreed. As expected. What I did not expect was for him to come out of the bathroom, after just soaking his hands, saying, "I'm sold! Look how soft it made my dry hands!"

Although, Orange-raspberry Sherbet was not his ideal scent. So, just like we do here at Hippies at Home, Mom and I taught him to make his own customized bath bombs (and mini foot-soak bombs) in a more masculine scent he would enjoy.

I have to say, he came up with a fantastic scent!!! Great job, Chris! And, Happy National Brother's Day.

You still stink...But at least you smell good!

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