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In a world where beauty products are all the rage, why push cleaning products first?

From our healing foot cream to our all natural max hold hair spray, Hippies at Home has had a lot of fun developing several beauty products that we are so proud to introduce to you all. And in a world where health and beauty products are increasingly popular with lots of money to be spent, why would we start by introducing you to our cleaning products first? There are a few different reasons; waste produced, the easiness of the change...and that our cleaning products are actually really, REALLY bad for us.

If you have been paying attention to what we are up to at Hippies at Home, you know that one of our main goals is to inspire others to do their part in reducing their carbon footprint. And I am sure that none of you would be surprised to learn that our cleaning products and their packaging are doing a number on our environment, so for now, I will save you the lecture on that. But there is no arguing that if we all started using glass, permanent, reusable packing solutions, we could really begin making positive changes with very little effort.

How little effort, you ask? I can make 3 months worth of liquid laundry detergent, that is safe, all natural and free of toxins and carcinogens in less than 10 minutes. All purpose cleaner? 90 seconds. Not only are the products easy and, dare I say, FUN to make, adjusting to the change becomes almost unnoticeable. Let’s be honest, we love our hygiene products, we have spent years finding the right conditioner or face wash that works the best for us and it may take a lot of convincing to get you to purchase anything different. But fortunately for us, and our environment, most of us are not attached to our household cleaning products in quite the same way, which is a good thing, considering that some of them may actually be harming us and those we love.

Everyday we use products like Dawn dish soap to provide clean dishes for our family to safely eat off of. We use Dawn to help clean our penguins and birds when they are covered in oil...its safe to say we trust Dawn. Perhaps we shouldn’t. The Environmental Working group has conducted studies and comprised a grading scale for the safety levels of all of the products we know and love. Dawn dish soap got a D… a D when it comes to toxins and carcinogens as well as several other dangerous chemicals. It’s not just our bleach and chlorine cleaners that are putting us at risk. And it doesn’t just end there. In fact, the hazards we are exposing ourselves to are so alarming, that the EPA has developed the Safer Choice initiative to help us protect ourselves from these hidden dangers. Our cleaning products are causing respiratory issues, irritating and damaging our eyes and lungs and even giving us cancer, and we remain unaware.

Hippies at Home is proud to spend slightly more on quality ingredients, like our Dr. Bronner’s castile soap used in our liquid dish soap, which scores an A.

See for yourself!

Hate to say it ladies, but these issues may be more pressing for us, see below article. Using common household cleaners once a week may damage our lungs the same as a pack-a-day habit.

EPA Safe Choice

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